So you’re in labor - CONGRATULATIONS!

But now what?

Even when you’ve done all your homework, it can still be hard to remember what to do during each stage of childbirth.

Which is why, with the help of a Certified Nurse Midwife, I've created this short visual guide which you can download to your phone for easy access on the big day.

Know exactly what to do during each stage of labor.

We break the process down for you during each stage of labor:

  • Early labor
  • Active labor
  • Transition
  • Pushing
  • And yes, the third stage of labor too: Delivering the placenta

During each stage, we'll let you know:

  • What it feels like
  • How long it lasts
  • What the baby’s doing
  • What you can do (from positions, to breathing, to pain management)
  • What your partner can do (and shouldn't do!)
  • Plus a photo guide of good positions to try

When is it time to call the doula? When should you head to the hospital?

We demystify the whole process in this short, easy to use guide.

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You'll get the guide instantly after your purchase

The Natural Labor Playbook is a digital download, which means you'll get it the instant after you purchase. No waiting for something to arrive via snail mail!

Formatted for your phone... Or for your printer

We provide two versions of the guide after you purchase - one formatted for your phone, one formatted for your printer. (Your partner can flip through Playbook during the big day to keep you on track and focused.)

35-pages long, no fluff!

We've distilled this guide down to just the essentials that you need to know at each stage of your labor. After all, you're in no mood to read an encyclopedia when you're in active labor!

The perfect tool to help your partner help you

My hope is that your partner can have the Playbook at the ready on their phone. They can consult the playbook to confirm:

  • What stage of labor you're in
  • What the partner can do to help you out
  • And what positions they can encourage you to try

The goal is to help you be more comfortable, and more effective as you rock your labor and delivery.

Best wishes for an awesome and empowered birth!

This is a Digital Download, no physical product will be delivered.

Natural Labor Playbook - What To Do (And When) During Childbirth Ebook

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