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During pregnancy, you probably enjoyed thick and luscious locks without a care in the world. YAY!

BUT, unfortunately, things can change radically postpartum.

After giving birth to my daughter Paloma, over the course of several months, I seriously lost half of my hair! 

Every day, I would have clumps and clumps of hair in my shower drain, in my hair brush, and on my clothes. I worried it would never stop. And worse yet, that it would never grow back. I was terrified!

But, eventually, the hair loss stopped. And after much research and trial and error, I learned ways to make it grow thicker and stronger than ever!

I share everything I learned in a brand new ebook called Hair Rescue: How to Grow Thicker, Stronger Hair Naturally.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • What causes hair loss in the first place (and it isn’t just hormones or genes)
  • What lifestyle behaviors you can change TODAY to promote healthy hair
  • The best supplements for hair growth
  • Special superfoods that support thicker hair
  • What’s the best diet to promote hair growth
  • Foods to avoid if hair loss is an issue
  • Evidence-based hair care practices that promote growth
  • How to make special hair growth serums, elixirs, shampoos and other special growth tips
  • And much, much more!

And don't just think this book is for postpartum moms...

My mom was struggling with thinning hair as part of aging. As she implemented the tips in this book, I literally watched her hair shaft “blow up” before my eyes and her hair return to normal!

Balding men can also benefit from the tips you'll learn in this book!

This ebook is evidence-based and gives you the tips and tools to restore your hair. We are so confident in this book's recommendations that we offer a 90 day happiness guarantee. If you implement the hair growth program and aren't happy with your results, you'll receive a full refund.

Here's to thicker, healthier hair for all!

This is a Digital Download, no physical product will be delivered.

Hair Rescue! Grow Thicker, Healthier Hair Naturally Ebook
899 1199

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anya Tompkins
amazing book

I learned so much about regrowing and keeping healthy hair

Stephany Allen
Good Read

I am just now implementing the methods/suggestions in this book so I can’t give a review on whether or not it is effective. But I am doing what I can from what is recommended along with praying and I am hopeful that my post partum hair loss will lessen and return to a thick full head of hair! It was practical and helpful. I would recommend to anyone who is desperate for a hair rescue!

Wonderful resources for thinning hair!

I’m a new grandmother and 61, and I’ve been losing my hair in giant clumps every day for a few years now. I’m desperate at this point, and thank goodness for this ebook with so many things to help me stop losing hair before I am totally bald. A great resource!!!

Sarah Foster

Didn’t know this was an ebook upon purchase or I wouldn’t have bought it

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