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Get A Grip On Labor Pain with the Mama Natural Birth Comb

This humble little comb can help you big time during childbirth.

According to the Gate Control Theory, our brains can only process a limited number of sensations at the same time. When you’re in distress and you introduce another signal (pressing this comb into your palm, for example) you can divert the brain’s attention and reduce the perceived intensity of pain.

I’ve seen firsthand just how powerful this tool can be. Give it a try and rock your birth! 


Genevieve Howland
Founder, Mama Natural

Mama Natural Birthing Comb front and back pear wood engraving

Labor is beautiful, but can also bring discomfort

Pain medications can have side effects; interventions can lead to complications. Mothers need an effective, natural way to manage the pressure and intensity of childbirth. 

A birthing comb can reduce the perceived intensity of birth

Birthing combs are an excellent tool to add to your birth bag for natural pain relief during labor. Holding a comb during contractions helps manage pain through distraction, acupressure, and the gate control theory of pain. By focusing on the pressure of the comb on your hand, you can ease pain and stress during labor. 

Hand holding Birthing Comb

Benefits of Using a Birthing Comb

  1. Natural pain relief - Birthing combs provide a natural way to manage labor intensity without the use of medication or interventions.
  2. Easy to use - Combs are simple and easy to use, and can be easily incorporated into any birthing plan.
  3. Versatile - Combs can be used in a variety of settings, from home to hospital, and can even be used for other types of pain relief, such as during breastfeeding.
  4. Distraction - Using a comb during contractions provides a distraction that can help ease the mental stress of labor.
  5. Acupressure - The teeth of the comb hit an acupressure point on the hand, which can help manage pain during labor.
  6. Gate control theory of pain - Using a comb helps close the gate to pain signals, allowing the brain to focus on the comb instead of the pain of contractions.

Mama Natural Birth Comb full package contents

Why Choose the Mama Natural Birthing Comb? 

Plastic combs can break and don’t feel good in the hand. But most wooden combs are too big to wrap your hand around comfortably. This puts a limit on the amount of pressure you can apply. 

The Mama Natural Birthing Comb was designed to be smaller and fit the shape and size of your hand. This allows you to apply maximum pressure in the correct area on your hand. 

Our birthing comb is made from a single piece of high-quality pear wood, so it is naturally durable. Designed specifically for use during labor, the teeth of the comb are placed at the perfect angle to hit acupressure points on your hand, providing maximum relief. 

The Mama Natural Birthing Comb is easy to clean and reuse for future births, and comes with a rose gold storage pouch for safekeeping. The comb is also handy for other occasions where accupressure relief may be handy, such as a visit to the dentist, salon, or tattoo parlor. Mamas also love the comb as a keepsake from their childbirth experience. 

montage of a hand holding the Mama Natural Birth Comb

How to Use the Mama Natural Birthing Comb

  1. Hold your birth comb with the teeth pointing just below where your fingers meet your palm. This hits an important acupressure point that can help calm the mind and reduce anxiety.
  2. When you feel a contraction coming, close your fist around the comb and let the teeth press into your upper palm.
  3. Grasp the comb with however much pressure feels best. 
  4. Breathe deeply. You got this!


Can a birthing comb be used with other pain management techniques?

  • Yes! A birthing comb can be used in conjunction with other natural pain management techniques, such as hypnobirthing, breathing exercises, and visualization.

What kind of birthing comb do I need?

  • Any comb with teeth (not a brush) will work, but most hair combs are too big to wrap your hand around comfortably while also applying the right amount of pressure. The Mama Natural Birthing Comb was designed to be smaller and fit the shape and size of most female hands. Giving you the ability to apply maximum pressure. 

How do I clean the birthing comb?

  • Our birthing comb is easy to clean with soap and water. It can also be sterilized in boiling water or with a sterilizing solution.

Is the birthing comb reusable?

  • Yes! Our birthing comb is designed to be reused for future births or other types of pain relief.
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Damari M.t.y.M.N.n.b.f.6.1. (Jacksonville, US)
Staying Healthy & Young

I’m 67 and take my collagen every morning. It keeps my hair healthy, helps keep my joints strong on my 5 mile walks and my skin is smooth. I recommend Mama Natural Collagen! It’s a must have.


Pleasant surprise. Nice idea too, but I am not pregnant so it’s not helpful for me to use as a birthing comb. Maybe just something on the packaging that says use as a hair comb or birthing comb if pregnant?

Amy B. (Orem, US)

Loved it!

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