I know from experience that our minds can be our biggest friend or foe during birth. Just like we need to exercise to keep our bodies strong and healthy, we need to train our minds and practice positive affirmations and visualizations to have the birth we desire.

Your thoughts can create your reality.

And your thoughts can help you create an awesome, unmedicated birth!

With my first pregnancy, I listened to natural childbirth affirmations once or twice. But I never fully embraced them.

The outcome? A 27-hour labor that took me to the very edges of my being.

With my second pregnancy, I did things differently (pain is a great motivator!) I trained my mind more diligently than even. I listened to natural childbirth affirmations during the weeks preceding my natural childbirth, and even during it!

That second birth was nearly pain free.

And it happened so fast that we literally almost had to pull over to the side of the road and deliver the baby

That experience really changed the way I looked at the power of the mind.

I’m such a believer of positive birth affirmations that I partnered with a talented and inspiring musician named Michele Kus to create our very own pregnancy affirmations that are geared specifically toward natural childbirth! Her encouraging voice and inspiring music are the perfect combination for getting into the birthing zone.

These are the affirmations I wish I had during my pregnancies!

Watch this video below for a sample of my natural childbirth affirmations

Listen to these childbirth affirmations throughout your day to flood your mind with positivity and inspiration.

I created two versions of these natural childbirth affirmations for you.

  1. Secular natural childbirth affirmations. These aren't affiliated with any religion or creed. Just true positive words about your awesome body's ability to birth your perfect and wonderful baby. :)
  2. Scripture based natural childbirth affirmations. These affirmations draw on the Christian bible to connect you to your creator so you can realize His wonderful plan for your body and your baby.

Each of these recordings is over 20 minutes long.

You can download them as MP3s and play them on your phone and computer. Or you can burn them to a CD if you like.

However you like to play them, they will be yours forever.

Ready to visualize and affirm your own natural childbirth?

You will receive digital files of your childbirth affirmations instantly after you purchase.

I hope these affirmations bless and inspire you!



This is a Digital Download, no physical product will be delivered.

Natural Childbirth Affirmation Recordings

Customer Reviews

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Elsie G. (Columbus, US)

Natural Childbirth Affirmation Recordings

Hope E. (Brooklyn, US)
Love them

Wish i had these for my first. Scriptural one definitely my fav both are good

Thank you! So happy to hear that you love them. Best wishes!

Laura F. (Houston, US)
I'm so in love!!

Thank you for these amazing affirmations! I already told all my friends they are the best!!!

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