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Mama Natural Multi-Collagen Protein serves up 10 grams of protein, six types of collagen, and zero additives, fillers, or preservatives.

Each serving also delivers over 1000 mg of alanine, over 2000 mg of glycine, and 1500 mg of proline 一 among many other amino acids!

Our Multi-Collagen Protein is unflavored and hydrolyzed. Which means it’s easy to add to savory or sweet dishes.  

Multi Collagen Protein
3999 4999

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Sofiya Markova

Multi-Collagen Protein 3-Pack

Sanchez Alexandria

This product is very good

Spot on!

I’ve tried a couple other powdered collagens but this one takes the cake! It goes into my coffee and doesn’t even have to be stirred, I usually do stir it, but have forgotten and it didn’t clump! Most collagen that’s powdered only have two types of collagen but I couldn’t believe this one…it has six! Way to Mama Natural! Another added plus-I have followed Genevieve for years now and I trust her stuff to be what she says it’ll be because her and her husband put work and love into their product. Thank you Mama Natural!


I use this everyday. You can't taste it in coffee. Helps with hair, nails, stretch marks. Try it!

Great Product

My husband and I have been taking this multi collagen protein powder, every morning in our coffee for probably 6 months now. I like making bulletproof coffee with grass fed butter, cream, collagen, and sometimes mct oil. I wanted my husband to take the collagen because he has such joint pain issues. Soon after we started taking it, his massage therapist recommended collagen, and we told her we had started taking some. I take it because I know how good collagen is for health, and I love that it gives me a head start to my protein count in the morning. I try to get 80-120 grams of protein per day. We have a 19 month old, and I am 7 months pregnant, so I’ve been taking this through most of my second pregnancy. I can’t say I’ve felt a world of difference, but I do really enjoy this product, and I feel great!

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