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Hair Bundle
Hair Bundle
Hair Bundle
Hair Bundle
Hair Bundle
Hair Bundle
Hair Bundle
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Mama Natural is the web’s #1 natural parenting brand

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Fuller Hair in 90 Days

“My postpartum hair loss is finally in the rearview mirror”

Icon Incredibly convenient

Our collagen is unflavored and 100% hydrolyzed. This means it's easy to add to savory or sweet dishes, hot or warm drinks - you name it!

Icon Ultra Clean

Our hair bundle is backed by science and is made from natural food-based ingredients. No nasty chemicals & fillers

Icon Made in the USA

What you put in your body matters. Our bundle is designed, formulated and made here in the USA!

Icon A complete solution, not a band-aid

Our hair care bundle attacks the cause of hair loss at its source. Restore silk-like resilient hair to help you reclaim your confidence!

Huge improvement in just a week!
After using this hair supplement for one week, I’ve already noticed a difference in the amount of hair loss after a shower. I’m 4 months pp and had started losing...
Mary Beth
Verified Purchase
New Growth!
So excited about my results so far with Mama Natural’s Hair Vitamin! After only two weeks, I can see new growth coming in. My hair has been thinner since having children and the stresses of everyday li...
Tracy Miller
Verified Purchase
Contains iron, doesn't taste awful
I tried these because I have thyroid issues and my hair has been thinning. Most of the ingredients in this supplement are ones I am supposed to be taking...
Verified Purchase

Quick, Easy & Delicious

Mama Natural created the perfect combo to Restore Your Hair & Reclaim Your Confidence!


Step 1

Take 2 hair vitamins a day
with water


Step 2

Take 1 spoon of collagen (with your favorite drink) daily


Step 3

Stay consistent for 3-6 months
for long luscious locks

How we compare

The future of hair care is natural, hassle-free & clinically studied. Grow your hair effortlessly with the hair care bundle!

Hair Vitamins Hair Vitamins
Other Hair Vitamins Other Collagen Supplements
Clinically Studied Ingredients
Optimal Dosages
Made With Organic Fruits & Veggies
No Harmful Fillers
Only 2-a-day

Protein Powder Hair Vitamins
Other Hair Vitamins Other Collagen Supplements
Wold Caught Fish
USA Eggshells
No-added Hormones
6 Types of collagen (I, II, III, IV, V, X)

Happy Hair Bundle Customers

Frequently Asked

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers

What affects women's hair?
Hair growth in women is influenced by several factors, including stress, hormonal fluctuations, nutritional deficits, and environmental exposure.
How is Mama Natural different from other hair growth products?
At Mama Natural, we embrace a holistic approach to hair wellness, carefully blending vital vitamins, minerals, and herbs for the best results. Unlike other supplements, we provide personalized hair growth formulas that are 100% drug-free and backed by clinical studies, ensuring both high potency and excellent absorption. We go the extra mile, our products are crafted in small batches with organic, non-GMO ingredients, ensuring they are free from harmful fillers.
When can I expect to see results?
We recommend taking these whole-food vitamins for 3-6 months to feel the full benefits. 1-3 Months: Strengthen your hair from within, with less shedding and breakage. 3-6 Months: You may notice an increase in the overall body and volume of your hair. 6+ Months: Delight in the appearance of fuller, more robust hair.
Will hair grow on other parts of my body?
No, the hair on your face and body responds to different influences than the hair on your scalp. Our vitamins are designed specifically to enhance the hair on your head.