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Baby Probiotic Drops provide gentle yet powerful support for Baby:
✓ Colic*
✓ Gas*
✓ Constipation*
✓ Digestion*
 Acid reflux*
✓ Immune and Brain Health*
✓ Excessive Crying*

Studies show that 9 out of 10 babies are missing good gut bacteria. Supplementing with Baby Probiotics can help restore the good gut bacteria in babies tummies.

And the right probiotic strains can support your baby’s digestive and immune health, and even help with crying and colic.

This baby probiotic was formulated with holistic pediatrician, Dr. Elisa Song. It has 10 probiotic strains, each with unique benefits for your baby.

“I recommend every baby in my practice take a multi strain probiotic. It’s the one supplement I advise for almost every baby I see.” - Pediatrician Dr. Elisa Song.

Baby Probiotic Drops 6-Pack
17994 29994

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Vanessa Beauchesne
Seems good so far

His bowel movement is more frequent ans seems more confortable with his belly. The only thing is that it takes a bit of time to take out the first drop.

Connie Mazza
No baby yet!

I will let you know soon. Due July 24th! <3

Roxanne G.
Improvement be helpful

Hi, bottle topper be best different since won't allow release liquid. The probiotics blend has helped our son just three days since he had many symptoms for months. Thank you.

Elizabeth Arce
Something Changed!

I started using this once a day as recommended then upped it to as much as three times a day. I did notice less arching of the back and more silent stinky farts as opposed to her screaming to let out a loud fart. She did really well with this throughout the day!

Jessica Flores
A must for gassy and constipated baby!

I just recently purchased your baby probiotics for my 3 month old and I love it! This product is too amazing not to get. My baby went from pooping once a week and crying from pain from gas to reduced crying and pooping everyday for the past 10 days taking the probiotics. This is the most he’s pooped consistently since being 6 weeks old! He’s exclusively breastfed but just wasn’t pooping regularly like he used to - this definitely changed that! Definitely will be buying a supply of this.

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