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Baby Probiotic Drops provide gentle yet powerful support for Baby:
✓ Colic*
✓ Gas*
✓ Constipation*
✓ Digestion*
Acid reflux*
✓ Immune and Brain Health*
✓ Excessive Crying*

Studies show that 9 out of 10 babies are missing good gut bacteria. Supplementing with Baby Probiotics can help restore the good gut bacteria in babies tummies.

And the right probiotic strains can support your baby’s digestive and immune health, and even help with crying and colic.

This baby probiotic was formulated with holistic pediatrician, Dr. Elisa Song. It has 10 probiotic strains, each with unique benefits for your baby.

“I recommend every baby in my practice take a multi strain probiotic. It’s the one supplement I advise for almost every baby I see.” - Pediatrician Dr. Elisa Song.

Baby Probiotic Drops
3999 4999

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
It’s okay

I was excited when I ordered this product, and the contents of the bottle are quality, but the dispenser is awful! They sent a second dispenser to use if the first one was too slow, and that was just as difficult. There was so much wasted product with changing the dispenser. No matter which dispenser I used, it could take minutes at a time to get it to start dripping out. Then once it started dripping, it started flying out! I ordered the six month supply, and halfway through each bottle I had to remove the dispenser completely because it just wouldn’t come out anymore. This probiotic bottle caused daily frustration. Unfortunately I had to raise the white flag and look for another probiotic that is easier to dispense.

Alexis J
No Change

My baby has been on the probiotic drops for over a week. He takes the drops well, but we haven't noticed a change to his gas or tummy issues. We will continue to use though in hopes of noticing some changes in the future.

Samantha Ritchie
Lot’s of Poops

My son was born at 31+2 and unfortunately had to have a weeks round of antibiotics while in the NICU. Due to that, plus having an immature system he was really struggling to poop. About three days after starting Mama Natural Baby Probiotics he had his first ever blow out poop at 32 days old! Ever since he’s been consistently pooping while taking these. We missed about a week due to me not ordering in time and he was struggling. Definitely recommend these!

Julie Mckahan
Thinks of the customer

Came quickly and included a faster dropper. I liked that because it makes it easier to put in a syringe for my one year old. Have only used the drops for a week and I have seen some improvement. I hope it continues to get better.

Sarah Craft
Infant probiotic

Probiotic is difficult to dispense and seems to harden up easily when it’s colder in the house. I am happy that this has the l.reuteri strand which was difficult to find in others.

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