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Baby Probiotic Drops provide gentle yet powerful support for Baby:
✓ Colic*
✓ Gas*
✓ Constipation*
✓ Digestion*
Acid reflux*
✓ Immune and Brain Health*
✓ Excessive Crying*

Studies show that 9 out of 10 babies are missing good gut bacteria. Supplementing with Baby Probiotics can help restore the good gut bacteria in babies tummies.

And the right probiotic strains can support your baby’s digestive and immune health, and even help with crying and colic.

This baby probiotic was formulated with holistic pediatrician, Dr. Elisa Song. It has 10 probiotic strains, each with unique benefits for your baby.

“I recommend every baby in my practice take a multi strain probiotic. It’s the one supplement I advise for almost every baby I see.” - Pediatrician Dr. Elisa Song.

Baby Probiotic Drops
3999 4999

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Yupeng Ji
It works. Get it.

We are so relieved that these drops have really helped our baby sleep through the night and reduce the amount of painful tummy during the day. It's also saving our sanity from being able to sleep at night along with the baby.

We ran out for a few days and thought that perhaps the bottle we used would be enough to build up her gut health. But at 13 weeks or so we still needed more time with the probiotics. The week that we had to wait for our new order to arrive was agony for the baby and us. We forgot how badly it was without the probiotics! Long story short, it works, get it and you and your baby will all be relieved (literally).

Ashley P
Really think they help!

We love Mama Natural so we thought we would try her probiotic formula out, definitely better poops & less spit up when we are taking this. I as the breastfeeding mother also take them to help benefit baby & myself. The only thing about them, we had one of the bottles taste funnier than the others, to me the probiotics taste like nutritional yeast and this bottle just tasted off. But other than that they have been great!

Nicole B
Helped reduce spit up

My son has been enjoying these drops daily. He doesn’t seem to mind the taste or consistency of them and they are fairly easy to apply. The dropper is not always the most efficient when trying to apply to the breast with a hungry baby. We noticed a decrease in the amount and frequency of his spit up episodes after consistently giving him these drops.

Doesn’t seem to help

My bub suffers from silent reflux and gastro problems. I’ve been giving these to him for a few weeks now and he still gets constipated, has reflux and gut issues. :( I really hoped these would work for him but they don’t seem like they have.

Lynette Miller

Baby Probiotic Drops 3-Pack

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