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  • 3 bottles of Mama Natural Multi Collagen Protein
Multi-Collagen Protein 3-Pack (Free Shipping)
10497 14997

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Amy Burton

Multi-Collagen Protein 3-Pack (Free Shipping)

No clumping with this collagen!

We have tried other brands that claim to be clump free but it seems to only be true if the collagen is added prior to adding the liquid. With Mama Natural Multi-Collagen, it doesn't matter if it is added before or after the liquid, the collagen dissolves 100% every single time. Odorless, tasteless and so good for your body! My hairdresser asked me what I was doing differently because she noticed about 2 inches of new hair growth at my scalp and the only thing I have changed is adding collagen to my morning coffee! Order the 6 pack for the best value!

Alicia Sant
Great product!!!♥️♥️♥️

I love this collagen powder! I've tried others in the past but they either made things taste funny or were not as well rounded as far as the types of collagen. The only little thing I wish was different was the packaging. Even though you can put the plastic tubs in the recycle bin, sadly very little plastic actually gets recycled. It would be nice if you could purchase a container with your first order and then have the powder come in some other kind of packaging that would create less plastic waste.

Tasia Medeiros
Excellent in My Morning Coffee!

I love having this collagen protein in my morning coffee. So smooth and easy to mix. It makes my coffee frothy when I give it a quick blend in my mixer. No taste I can notice -which is perfect for me!

Alina Carcea
Great product!

I love the Multi Collagen Protein. It is super soluble in any kind of liquid not clumpy. I highly recommend it!

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